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The Philip Project
Raising Faithful Bible Teachers
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The Philip Project aims to contribute towards the training of faithful Bible teachers among Christian international students and professionals from all over the world residing in the UK. This is done by seeking to develop both the skills and the character to teach the Scriptures with accuracy, relevance and passion.

Why the 'Philip' Project?

In Acts 8 Philip encounters the Ethiopian eunuch who was returning home from Jerusalem, reading Isaiah. He asks him, Do you understand what you are reading?” And the eunuch replies, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” After Philip explains the good news of Jesus to him from the prophecy, the eunuch believes and is baptised - and goes home with a new understanding of the Bible, able to tell others about him. In the same way the Philip Project aims to help international students and professionals to understand the Bible and teach it to others when they return home.
The Philip Project includes:
  • monthly training days led by experienced teachers with opportunities for students to practice teaching the Bible;
  • mentors meeting regularly with students for discipleship and evaluation;
  • a weekend away with workshops, talks and fellowship.
We presently have Saturday classes meeting once a month in Edinburgh, CambridgeGlasgow, London, Nottingham and Southampton.

Please look at the local centre pages or go to the sign up page to join a local course.

Geoff Low
Philip Project Co-ordinator


"I have learnt so much since starting the Philip Project..."

" knowledge about the Bible has greatly improved."

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