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pdf 1 Further Resources - Complete list as PDF ( 196 KB ) (5831 downloads) Published Popular
ACMI ISM Resources (2196 downloads) Published Popular

The Association of Christians Ministering Among Internationals (ACMI) is the networking and collaborative body for ISM engaged people in North America and beyond. Their ISM Resource Center features books, articles, DVDs and videos for ISM workers and their students. (117 downloads) Published

UCCF's excellent apologetics website. See especially "Compare" for helpful resources on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and other worldviews. 

Bible Gateway (3393 downloads) Published Popular

Offers a wide array of bible resources including the bible in most major languages. Allows you to print out your bible study passage or sermon text in various languages. (Check out the audio bible section too - now available in several languages.)

Biblica (3442 downloads) Published Popular

Biblica translates and publishes the bible in various languages, including the NIV bible in English. Their website offers several bible resources, including online bibles in over 14 languages. (Note: the bookstore only delivers to USA and Canada.)

COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission) (3780 downloads) Published Popular

COCM is an interdenominational mission with the vision of sharing the gospel with the Chinese in Europe. Visit their "bookroom" to buy Chinese & bilingual bibles, Chinese Christian books and evangelistic tracts etc.

English UK Facts and Figures (1368 downloads) Published

For the latest facts and figures related to language students in the UK. 

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) (3097 downloads) Published Popular

Publishes the latest statistics on higher education institutes in the UK, including numbers of international students, where they come from and what they study.

ISI (International Students, Inc) (3921 downloads) Published Popular

ISI ministers to international students in the USA. Click on "resources" to find training modules, bible studies and videos.

ISM InterVarsity (3149 downloads) Published Popular

The ISM InterVarsity website offers a wealth of resources - bible studies, evangelism, discipleship & leadership tools etc - written for the American context but adaptable for use in the UK.

Look at the Fields (222 downloads) Published

Jointly created by IFES Europe and Friends International, this website seeks to resource students, graduates and volunteers in Europe and beyond to pioneer and develop international student ministry in their churches. 

No Frontiers (3518 downloads) Published Popular

Based in the UK, No Frontiers supplies Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide variety of foreign languages.

SGM Lifewords (3326 downloads) Published Popular

SGM produces bible booklets and digital resources in many languages to help Christians share their faith through literature ministry. Delivers to the UK.

two:nineteen resources (1226 downloads) Published

two:nineteen is a ministry that exists to help local churches embrace the nations. Their website features helpful resources for teaching English and cross-cultural ministry. 

UKCISA statistics (1406 downloads) Published

The UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) webpage which summarises the latest HESA statistics - numbers of international students, top sending EU and non-EU countries, etc. Explore the rest of the site for research on international student issues.

UNESCO Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students (1325 downloads) Published

The latest statistics available from UNESCO. Click on any country in the world and find out where the international students they host come from and which countries they send students to. 

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