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Why get involved in international student ministry?


video Inspirational Video (108 downloads) New Published

Lisa Espineli Chinn, author of Think Home and national director of international student ministry for InterVarsity (2000-2014), speaks passioinately about why we should all get involved. She speaks from an American context, but the principles are the same. 

pdf Ideas for International Church Services (1785 downloads) Published Popular
Some ideas from a staff worker in Glasgow...
pdf Adventures in International Friendship (1822 downloads) Published Popular
8 page article introducing international student ministry - why it's strategic and biblical, and how to get started personally.
pdf 10 reasons to be involved (1811 downloads) Published Popular
The benefits of international student work to the local church - written by a church pastor.
pdf An Alternative Plan (1853 downloads) Published Popular
A tongue-in-cheek prayer that highlights the amazing opportunity that God has given us in international student ministry.

"I have enjoyed being in the UK."

"I have made so many good friends."

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