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pdf Parables of Jesus (3204 downloads) Published Popular

11 inductive bible studies for international students (includes vocabulary lists).

pdf Ecclesiastes (2106 downloads) Published Popular

10 seeker friendly studies in Ecclesiastes written for international students. Several cultures relate very well to wisdom literature & the studies make the link to Jesus. Best used after students have studied a gospel.

pdf LUKE Bible Studies (1601 downloads) Published Popular

18 seeker-friendly bible studies in simple English. Covers most of Luke. 

pdf What Christians Believe (2204 downloads) Published Popular

10 Inductive Bible Studies written for non-Christian international students wanting to practise their English and learn about Christianity. Topics include the fact of God, sin and its consequences, God's law, God's promise and the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  

pdf What Christians Believe Part 2 (1261 downloads) Published Popular

A follow-up to "What Christians Believe", this 8-session seeker-friendly course covers topics such as the BIble, prayer, the Holy Spirit, temptation, etc. 

pdf 25 Bible Studies in Simple English (6138 downloads) Published Popular

25 full-length, inductive bible studies from Matthew, Luke, John, Acts & Ephesians. Suitable for bible studies publicised at Globe Cafes, often a mix of non-Christians and Christians, regulars & newcomers. 

pdf Can a Christian marry a non-Christian? (1275 downloads) Published Popular

A bible study responding to the above question being asked in a seeker/young Christian international student group.

pdf Exploring the Bible (10 Week Course) (3325 downloads) Published Popular

A ten week course that assumes no Bible knowledge and takes students on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, focusing on Jesus, introducing our need for him and God's plan of salvation through him.

pdf European resources worksheets (1565 downloads) Published Popular
Topical discussions & bible studies to help European students understand Christianity better. Includes: "Does God exist?" & "Can we trust the Bible?".
pdf Questions Muslims have (1541 downloads) Published Popular
6 thematic Bible Studies with comprehensive leaders notes and advice.
pdf Just for Starters - Six studies for new Christians (3282 downloads) Published Popular

Covers Trusting in God, Living God's way, Listening to God, Guided by God, Meeting with God's family, Meeting the world.

pdf 'I Am...' Bible Studies (7 Studies) (2897 downloads) Published Popular

7 studies (6 from John and 1 from Rev) exploring who Jesus says he is. Leaders notes included.

pdf Being sure that I am a Christian (1718 downloads) Published Popular

A thematic Bible Study centred in 1 Jn 5:11-13 and other verses.

pdf Lent - Four studies for Christians (4583 downloads) Published Popular

4 creative, reflective bible studies, based primarily in passages from John.

pdf An Introduction to Jesus and the Bible (2274 downloads) Published Popular

7 studies written for postgraduate internationals who have had no contact with the Bible or Christians. Full leader's notes provided.

pdf The Jesus Film - Four Studies (2043 downloads) Published Popular

Background information, discussion questions and bible references – to help students understand and engage with the Jesus Film (available from

pdf Ultimate Questions - Intro course of four studies (2015 downloads) Published Popular

Seeker studies on what God is like (Ps 139), what it means to be human (Gen 1 & 2), what is wrong with the world (Gen 3 & Mark 7) and whether there is hope (Rom 5).

pdf Preparing for Baptism - A Bible Study (1622 downloads) Published Popular

To help students begin to think through the meaning of baptism. Leaders notes included.

pdf 28 Bible Studies in the Gospel of Mark (2246 downloads) Published Popular

These comprehensive studies cover the entire book of Mark. More suitable for Christians.

pdf 4 Bible Studies from the book of Jonah (1706 downloads) Published Popular

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