The International Student Track at Word Alive 2016

Word Alive is a Christian holiday week away in North Wales. Word Alive features a dedicated series of seminars just for international students - which helps explain and explore the Christian faith.
Hundreds of internationals go to Word Alive every year and it is always an enjoyable and fun week away!
Use this Day-by-Day prayer guide to pray for the international student track... 

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A Fond Farewell

Dave Pepper is moving on after 7 years with Friends International.
In October I wrote to inform Friends International that Dave Pepper was stepping down as National Director. The replies back included comments like these: “He has done such a wonderful job”, “He
has brought an immense amount to FI”, “He will be sorely missed”.
Dave’s contribution to Friends International has been hugely appreciated so the news of his departure is sad, but we are also very grateful to God for the increase in centre teams, branches an affiliates, as well as the pleasure of working with Dave over the past seven years. So, we wish him well, and entrust his future plans and ours to our loving Heavenly Father.

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Introducing: Great British Magazine


A magazine for international students!
Great British Mag is a weekly digital magazine especially for international students, featuring articles to help students settle into the UK and make the most of their time here. 
We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo which gives students a number of ways of keeping in touch with us and being part of a wider international student community in the UK.

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Summer Teams Update

"I had an amazing conversation with a girl from China..."

"She and her friends had just arrived in the UK a few days ago to study English before the start an MA at Edinburgh Uni. The team had just introduced the question of the evening (What is the biggest decision you ever made?), and I shared with the team how my biggest decision was becoming a Christian. This girl kept asking questions and even asked how someone becomes Christian. I have her email address and I plan to meet up with her to chat a bit more. Please pray that we could study the Bible together!"

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Through Friends International

my time in the UK was transformed

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