My First Month Back Home

Having returned to Hong Kong almost a month ago, it has so far been a bittersweet experience.
Space is a scarce resource in Hong Kong, so my husband (Nico) and I have moved back in with my family for a few months. Our current bedroom is half the size of our bedroom in Manchester, and we are sleeping in a single bed!
Minor disagreements have arisen between my family and I due to different preferences of lifestyle. At first, I was expecting them to show understanding to my situation. Yet God speaks to me through the Bible – ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’ (Luke 6:31). Instead of asking my family to understand me, I now tell myself to understand their situation first. I now realise that they also have the challenge of adjusting to living with Nico and I. Therefore, we are trying to minimise disruption and offering to help out wherever we can. 
You might have heard about the violent conflict in Hong Kong, between the protesters and the police, on the Lunar New Year’s Day (8th February) in Hong Kong. The outbreak happened when most of us were asleep. The footage shocked us the next day because harmony and peace is very much stressed and cherished by the locals, especially during the New Year. The political atmosphere will only intensify in the future and, as a Hongkonger, I am concerned about the unrest in my fellow citizens’ minds as many of us are emotionally attached to this place. 
Nico is learning to communicate with my mum, who does not speak any English at all. He is picking up some Cantonese phrases from her and I’m very impressed by how well he is managing the language. Due to the nature of my research, I am often out conducting interviews in the daytime – leaving Nico with my mum. 
We also introduced some German culture to our family and friends. Food is an effective means. We have baked some German cakes and prepared some German dishes. My are curious about our lives in the UK and they were very eager to share the Chines culture over Lunar New Year. This has facilitated cultural exchange and brought us closer to one another. More importantly, it is a great opportunity to reexamine the culture within me and to learn more about the people around me. 
Thank you for your responses to my last post! They were very encouraging. Please leave your comments below and ask me questions about my life in Hong Kong. :-)

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