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Events Weeks 2019 - Liverpool

"The international track of the University of Liverpool CU Events Week took place 18 – 22 February and involved early evening events, prior to the main evening events. The activities were ‘The Great British Cake Off’, ‘Board Games’ and ‘Tour of Britain’, and involved delicious food but also being taught some Irish dancing on the last evening.
The talks were all based on passages from Mark’s Gospel and were:
  • Reacting to a God who gives us a fresh start,
  • Reacting to a God who fulfils our potential,
  • Reacting to a God who loves us.
The CU run a Globe Café and a number of regulars from there came to the events, although numbers declined as the week progressed. There were some good conversations, especially after the talk on Monday; with one Chinese student confiding that he was almost ready to follow Jesus but still had a few doubts to work through.
The events were a good opportunity to present the internationals who came with a clear explanation of the gospel and the CU international team showed their commitment to reaching their international friends with the gospel."
— Graham & Sabine Stockton

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