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Reach Volunteers: Reflections on the Past Year

Rebecca (Cambridge):
"It has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life to serve with Friends International as a Reach volunteer in Cambridge these past two years. My relationship with God has grown deeper, and my desire to see the nations come to Christ has grown exponentially. This growth of faith and conviction has come, in part, due to the “hands on” training I’ve received as a Reach volunteer.
From local to national training seminars and conferences, to the opportunity to lead international cafes and summer outreach teams, I have grown in my abilities to share the Gospel, read the Bible with international students, organize and lead events, and shepherd teams of Christian volunteers in the hope of reaching the nations for Christ. 
As I prepare to leave the UK and my position as Reach volunteer, I look forward to seeing how God will use these experiences for His glory in new and different contexts."
Harry (Exeter):
"At this point, a year ago, I had ruled out the Reach Internship as a possibility for this year. But the Lord has His ways and I am now coming to an end of my time as a Reach Intern… Having the time, space and mandate to get to know and walk with students, Christian and non-Christian, International, and bizarrely quite a few Brits, has been an immense privilege. With such a vast array of backgrounds, it has been interesting to see how our role changes. With some, we are harvesting fruit, others we are watering, some we are sowing into and with many we are merely preparing the soil. Nevertheless, wherever they are at, seeing the Lord begin to impact the lives of those that you love and have laboured over is incredibly fulfilling and exciting.
That is not to say that the year hasn’t been challenging. This year, I have been exposed to what can sometimes seem like overwhelming and hopeless darkness in many of my friends, and it has been a real battle to walk faithfully with them through that darkness. Nevertheless, this is part of the privilege. The world is a dark place, and having the opportunity to share the light of the world with people in darkness has been so rewarding, despite everything. People are precious; being a part of the Reach internship has emphasised this to me and given me the opportunity to appreciate this fact.
10/10 would recommend!"
Jasmine (Glasgow):
"This year has definitely been special for me. 
I really enjoy it when students I have befriended tell me that our friendship is important to them. It is very encouraging to hear that our efforts bring something to their lives, and even more rewarding if they become interested in Christ. Even though some of them never show interest in Christianity, I still believe that our friendship can be used by God in some way. Doing Reach is fun, but not challenge-absent. Setting up boundaries between working and resting is what I find most challenging. I am still learning to strike a balance.
Now, I am looking forward to my second year of Reach!"



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