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Impact Report (2018-19)

Looking Back, Looking Forward

As we start a new academic year, it can benefit us greatly to look back at what happened in the year just gone. We can rejoice in what worked well and analyse what can be improved.
This article looks back, both in terms of our financial year and our ministry year. One statistic that stands out to me is that in the last academic year we had contact with an estimated 11,000 international students! Success like this is possible because of our faithful financial supporters, volunteers and prayer partners.
Looking forward, we intend to continue to grow our activities, particularly with a concerted effort to appoint staff and develop partnerships in a further twenty cities between 2020 and 2025. The aim is that the 50 locations with the most international university students are helped towards thriving international student ministry. This aim is significantly helped by having a stable financial footing, which you can see in our financial review below.
We thank God for the year we have had, and we are excited for what is to come.
Alan Tower, National Director



Financial Review

We give thanks and praise to God for the financial outcome for 2018. With the help of legacies which came to £151,500 there was a surplus of £69,775. There is therefore an underlying deficit of £81,725.
In 2017 we reported that core gift income from churches, trusts, personal supporters and related Gift Aid was 11% higher than the previous year. In 2018 this has slipped back by 8%. Meanwhile careful cost control has ensured that our expenses have risen by only 1.7%. This includes the release of funds designated to allow several new workers to be paid for additional days’ work beyond what their level of financial support would otherwise allow.
We are very thankful for the many hundreds of financial supporters who faithfully contribute towards funding our strategic ministry amongst international students.



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