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European Students in a Brexit World - by Sofia Demler


“Europe is very different from Britain. For instance, their windows open inwards rather than outwards, and it is almost impossible to buy Monster Munch in Bulgaria.No wonder we could not get along.”

I found this quote while strolling through a bookshop in Cambridge. There is some truth in it. Even neighbouring European countries are surprisingly different. Though we consider each other as Westerners, and even more, as young Europeans who have a sense of being a European first before anything else, we do currently face challenges. It is not only Brexit; there seems to be something changing in Europe, but it hasn’t yet been decided which direction will prevail – separation or stronger connection. For now, many Europeans are still using their chance to study or work abroad. They come to Britain, to study the language or to make use of the great educational system, with some hoping to stay for good and start a successful career1.

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TRUE Leadership 2019 - Report

Our fifth annual TRUE Leadership retreat took place in the heart of the Peak District on 7-10th June 2019. The core team were joined by 26 students and coaches from 13 nations for a programme of leadership teaching, teamwork and coaching.
Investing in international students is a great way to show that we value them. Teaching leadership also opens up opportunities for conversation with them about issues that matter.

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Bookshop Summer Sale: 2019

Our online shop has books that are incredibly useful for both international students, and for churches wanting to reach internationals.
With our summer sale you can get any of our books with a massive 30% off. Simply use this discount code at checkout: SUMMER2019
You can visit our bookshop by clicking here.
International students will find 'LIFEUK', a guide to living in the UK, and 'Returning Home?' a workbook for tacking issues of returning to a home culture. Churches will benefit from our Visa and ID courses, which introduce Christianity and train up new Christians - all in simple English and in a cultrally sensitive way.
Finally, Insight - 10th Annivesary booklet - is a fascinating collection of articles which are helpful for anyone involved in Chrsitian outreach to international students. 

Events Weeks 2019 - Lancaster

At Lancaster University the Events Week – ‘STORY Lancaster’ – took place at the end of February and was an amazing time!
Each night we had good numbers, 120 - 200 of which were international students. The evenings started with a meal and then followed by an international talk, which I gave, interspersed with testimonies and music features. Then later there were main session talks with Bruce Gillingham. It was great to have a blended programme for internationals and British students.
There has been an excellent partnership between Friends International and UCCF, which was really positive and a good model which could be adopted elsewhere.
19 people indicated praying prayers of commitments, 5 came along to a follow up course the following Monday, and a number of people are now doing the Uncover studies. 
— Tom Hudson, Staff Worker Durham


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