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Do you pray for Friends International?

If you do, then we have something that will aid you in your prayers. Introducing PrayerMate!

Prayer Mate is an app which can bring you weekly prayer points from Friends International straight to your phone. In fact, you can use it to pray for many different Chrsitian charities and churches. It also enables you to input your own personal prayer needs, you can use it to remind yourself to pray for that person at work or for your relative who is unwell. 
To find out more and to get prayer points from Freinds International click this button:



'Home Away From Home' - Watch the Trailer!

After months of very intense and gruelling filming, ‘Home Away From Home’ has been completed!

The film is an original concept following the journey of a fictitious character called Michelle who travels from China to Edinburgh to study. The cross-cultural differences lead to a number of comical and more serious issues that arise for Michelle. One of the bigger struggles that she faces is the different approach to alcohol consumption and late night partying in the UK.

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Reach Reunion 2018

The 25th Anniversary of the Reach Programme was celebrated with a "powerful and moving" reunion of former Reach Volunteers and Reach Supervisors, on Saturday 13th Janaury 2018.

Many former and present Reach Volunteers were able to contribute to an amazing day that took place at the Hayes Chrsitian Conference Centre, in Derbyshire.

Rowland Hughes, the Reach Coordinator for the past 15 years, said:

"The Reach Reunion really surprised me. I was very aware what the programme would be and who would take part, and yet it ended up being a far more powerful and moving celebration of how God has used the Reach Programme to work in people’s lives and reach the nations over the last 25 years than I was expecting.

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Introducing: ISM Housing Trust

The International Student Mission Housing Trust (ISMHT) exists to provide affordable housing to mission workers who are reaching international students for Jesus.

Our aim is to not only make housing financially viable, but also suitable for the vital ministry of hospitality to students. The Trust is managed by unpaid Trustees, and was set up in early 2017 by Friends International as a separate charitable trust.

Latest Property Purchase: Cambridge

[Pictured: Josh, Becky and their daughter Hosanna, outside the new house in Cambridge.]

"We are so grateful to the many people who have been part of this project and enabled us to move in to Pearl Close. It seems a long time ago when the idea of finding a house in Cambridge for Friends International was first discussed and yet we have seen the Lord provide in numerous ways over the last year. We are grateful ultimately to God for providing for us.


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Week of Prayer 2017

Join us in praying for international students who come to the UK from outside the EU.


Seven prayer points for seven days are below - alternatively you can download the Week of Prayer Card by clicking here.


CHINA – Sends 91,215 students
The number of Chinese students coming to the UK far exceeds any other nationality. Pray that churches would befriend and witness to them, and connect them to Christians when they return home.
“I met a student from China and was able to give her a Chinese Bible. I was excited to hear her describing it as ‘the most precious gift she's ever received!’”

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