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iLIVE Leadership

Becoming a great leader requires effort and intentional commitment. Are you willing to invest in yourself? Now is the time to "LIVE" —Lead with Integrity, Vision & Excellence!

The iLIVE Leadership course was developed in response to students' expressed need to grow in confidence and leadership skills. Leadership is intrinsically tied to ongoing character development and personal growth. In fact, everyone is already a leader, because we all constantly influence those around us. The word 'Leadership' refers to exactly that: influence. Regardless of cultural context, our character and attitude determine the kind of influence we have on others.
Friends International is partnering with Lennart Konschewitz, author of the iLIVE course, and Independent Certified Coach, trainer and speaker, to offer iLIVE Leadership courses around the UK to international students. We commit to helping you on your journey to becoming a great leader through:
• 10 weekly interactive classes featuring local & international speakers
• inspirational case studies of great leaders
• small group discussions
• weekly personal mentoring groups
Check our upcoming courses from the menu above to find out if we are running an iLIVE Leadership course near you.

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