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The vision of The Reach Programme is that we would be able to give international students the opportunity to encounter Jesus through a Christian friend. Could this be where you fit in?

Who is it for?
1) Committed Christians who have recently graduated.
2) Those wanting to give time to befriending and sharing the gospel with international students.
3) Fluent English speakers.
What’s the job?
As a Reach volunteer you will be based in one of the main University cities alongside an experienced member of staff, who will be your supervisor.
Your daily timetable will be decided together with your supervisor but will include: Organising programmes of events, leading Bible studies, developing friendships, following a personal study programme and supporting, encouraging & organising local church volunteers.
We see this year as an opportunity to invest in you as a person, to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and develop your gifts. We see training and study as key components of the year.
There will be four residential conferences (September, January, March and June) and additional training will come via regional team days, 'on-the-job' informal training as you work alongside your supervisor and a personal study programme which all Reach Volunteers are expected to undertake.
March 31st is the deadline date for 2019 applications.
For more information please contact Jenny Brown: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"On the Reach Programme you get to build

friendships with incredible people!"

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