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About TRUE

TRUE Leadership is a gathering of international students who come to learn invaluable leadership lessons and to reflect on the impact that their character has on their effectiveness as leaders.
We will...
  • Explore the principles of TRUE Leadership : Trust, Relationships, Understanding others and Excellence.
  • Reap the benefits of both the major presentations and interaction with other international students.
  • Expect to be challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

T.R.U.E is...

TRUST – Authentic leadership requires a person to grow in trustworthiness.  Then others are more likely to rely on that person’s initiative or direction.  The resulting impact on productivity, teamwork and collective satisfaction, therefore, is enhanced.
RELATIONSHIPS – Often overlooked, the power of a leader’s integrity can provide a vital framework for effective collaboration among staff, co-workers or even a community.  When a leader demonstrates humility, forgiveness and honesty in their own relationships, the effect is revolutionary, positive and potentially far-reaching.
UNDERSTANDING – As business leader, former Medtronics CEO and Harvard Business Professor Bill George stresses, "Without a deep and central understanding of one’s 'True North,' a leader may flounder or even fail. One arrives at understanding both through experience and accumulation of wisdom."
EXCELLENCE – Ancient wisdom confirms that “We are what we repeatedly do.” Excellence, then, is not a one-time action, but a habit, one that all leaders should aim for whatever sphere they are leading in. 



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