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About Life Leadership

The Life Leadership Programme is designed by Friends International to help international students discover and develop your leadership skills. Friends International serves international students in practical, social, spiritual and professional ways through a wide variety of programmes. You can find out more about Friends International here.

Our vision behind the Life Leadership programme is to give international students a platform on which to develop great leadership habits now that will stay with you for life. The programme will give you space and tools to begin the process of growing your leadership ability.

We believe the Life Leadership programme will enrich your studies, your career, your relationships, and your confidence. It will challenge you to see beyond your immediate world, and embrace the challenges that come your way. You will laugh, discuss, reflect and be inspired to live with integrity, vision and excellence. The material that we teach comes from world-renowned leadership experts combined with our own personal experiences, making the whole programme accessible, engaging and full of life.

Students who complete our programme will receive our Life Leadership certificate. A great way to show prospective employers that you take leadership seriously and have already begun the journey of leadership growth.

The Life Leadership Core Team

Douglas Humphris

Co-Author and Coordinator of The Life Leadership Programme

Douglas has been working with Friends International in Glasgow since 2013. During his time as Glasgow team leader, Douglas taught and coached leadership skills to international students at Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow.

Douglas is now heading up the Life Leadership Programme for Friends International across the UK while continuing to lead the programme in Glasgow.



Lenny Konschewitz

Co-Author of The Life Leadership Programme

Lennart Konschewitz is originally from Nuremberg, Germany, where he studied International Business. Since 2007, he has worked as a project and communication manager for several companies including adidas, Nehemiah Gateway and Every Nation. Lennart is an Independent Certified Coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. In October 2014, Lennart and his wife Caly moved to Belfast to help start "Every Nation Belfast", a charity and non-denominational ministry. In 2020 they are moving to Florida to join a new ministry.

Lenny wrote a Leadership training course called iLIVE Leadership which has been used annually in Belfast and Glasgow since 2015. The content of his course has formed the basis for much of the Life Leadership short course. We are very grateful to Lenny for his huge contribution to the Life Leadership programme. He remains part of our core team as an adviser and co-author.


Wynelle Cowdery

Retreat Teaching Coordinator

Wynelle has an excellent track record in educational & business management/administration globally with 35 years experience. She is a talented communicator and recipient of the "Outstanding Woman of America" award.

Among other things, Wynelle has founded her own personal TV programme, been author and contributor to a Woman's Talk Magazine, and author of two training manuals.


Dr Paul Cowdery

Retreat Teaching Coordinator






Madeleine Bonicel

Retreat Activities Coordinator






Sebastien Bonicel

Retreat Activities Coordinator





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