Crossing Cultures 2016

A Toolkit for Reaching the Nations in Portsmouth

When: Saturday 5th March, 2016, 10am – 4pm 
Where: King’s Church, Playfair Road, Southsea, PO5 4QA
What: A day of inspiring speakers, interactive workshops and seminars, equipping us all to minister to those coming into our neighbourhoods, colleges and universities from other nations. 
o By car: Map to the right shows directions to Kings by car.
o By train: It is best to get off at Fratton train station, and from there it is a 10 minute walk to King’s Church. Map to the right (bottom) shows walk to King’s from train station.
o By Park and Ride: Click here for map showing location of Park and Ride.
o It is possible to park near King’s Church for up to 3 hours for free. You will then need to move your car to a different parking zone which you will be able to do during the lunch break. Please take a look at the map for more information about the parking restrictions.
o Click here for a map showing parking restrictions.
Bring with you:
o Refreshments such as tea and biscuits will be provided, however you will need to bring your own lunch. There are places to get food nearby, but it will probably be easier and save you time if you bring your own lunch with you.
o There will be a book stall where you can buy Friends International resources and materials, so if you think you might like to buy something, please bring along some money.
o Also, this conference is free to attend, however we would warmly welcome any donations to help cover costs. 
9:45-10:15  -  Registration and sign up to seminars / Coffee and biscuits
10:20  -  Introduction
10:30-11:30  -  Worship, Word and Testimonies
11:35-12:35  -  Seminar 1 (50 mins)
12:35-13:25  -  Lunch (Bring own) and book stall will be open
13:25-14:25  -  Seminar 2 (50 mins)
14:30-15:30  -  Seminar 3 (50 mins)
15:30-16:00  -  Feedback, prayer and worship

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Further Information on Seminars taking place at Crossing Cultures 2016:
Working with Chinese Students: a Tool-kit
This is for those wanting to understand their Chinese student contacts better, to communicate with them effectively and to equip them well for their return home. We will look at some of the resources available and how to best engage with the students in the contexts where we meet them. Rod Lawrence has worked with Friends International in Southampton and Winchester for the past 7 years. His wife Eugenia, is from China and works with the Chinese Church in Southampton. They have also taught in Chinese universities and lived with their children in China. 
Developing Cross-Cultural Friendships through Christian Hospitality
In the first year of a student’s life abroad identifying the unspoken rules of society can be difficult. The lines are fuzzy. What is considered right or wrong? In this seminar we will be looking at British culture through the eyes of an international student. How can we develop deep friendships with those from other cultures and remove obstacles that may hinder them from coming to Christ? For many the decision to follow Christ may mean being rejected by family. How can we as a church and individuals offer friendship, family and community through genuine Christian hospitality? Anita Dalkin - Originally from the US, Anita studied Cross-Cultural Evangelism at Hobe Sound Bible College. Thirteen years ago she married Gary Dalkin and moved to Bournemouth, where for five years she has been a staff worker for Friends International. In those few years Gary and Anita have opened their home to many students from around the world who consider them family.
Returning home a Christian: Issues and Challenges
What happens when international students go home? Why do so many Christian returnees appear to struggle or even fall away from faith? This seminar will seek to unpack the issues faced by returnees and consider what our discipleship needs to look like to help them not just survive but thrive. Sue Burt has worked with Friends International for 22 years and has been Head of Returnee Ministry for the last 8 years.
Philip Project Taster Session
Learn how international students can improve their Bible handling and teaching skills through attending The Philip Project. The Philip Project is designed to give international students a good grounding in the Scriptures, together with a clear understanding of how the Bible is to be interpreted and applied, so that when they return to their home country they will be well-equipped to teach the Bible faithfully to other people – whether on a personal one-to-one basis, or as the leader of a Small Group Bible Study, or through giving talks based on Bible passages. The seminar will enable you to sample what takes place once a month in Southampton with a view to you encouraging international students to enrol for the 2016-17 course. The seminar will be led by Rev David Hunt, an affiliate with Friends International, who is on the Planning Team for the Southampton Philip Project and who teaches the Bible Overview stream at it.
Becoming an International Church
How can we help local churches be more inviting & welcoming to internationals? Is your church multicultural in attendance but mono-cultural in expression? How do we facilitate the discipleship of internationals in our churches? This is a workshop for those who would like to hear and share ideas on these issues. Ruth Archer first worked in international student ministry as a volunteer for 14 years then she became a staffworker responsible for families' ministry and has been doing this for 17 years. Emily Hobbs had a one year contract as a staff worker responsible for fundraising, promoting I/S ministry to local churches in the Guildford area and encouraging them to become involved. 
Global Conversation
This workshop will be a chance to share ideas and learn from each other. We will be looking at ways of using structured English conversation as a tool to get to know students better and move into deeper conversation. Anything from 1 hour conversation workshops to 15 minutes in a Café setting. Clare Brooks has taught English as a Second language, both in China and in the UK and has been the Friends International staff worker in Portsmouth for 10 years. Wynelle Cowdery is originally from Texas and has spent many years in Latin America as a missionary and teacher, she now teaches English to people around the world via Skype and has recently been appointed as a staff worker for Friends International in Portsmouth. 
Resources for use with students preparing to return home
This seminar will offer an overview of the 'Returning Home?' and 'Think Home' resources, some possible ways to use them with both individuals and groups of students and an opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with others. The seminar will be led by Susan Caddy, Centre Team Leader for Friends International in Southampton and Winchester.
Facilitating an International Home group, Bible study or Support group
'People come together in a rich variety of ways. International groups, whether they be home groups, support groups or Bible studies, are a beautiful expression of God's heart. Seeing God through the lens of multiple cultures deepens our understanding of who He is. In this seminar we will be exploring the advantages that different groups bring and the need for both international and integrated groups.' The seminar will be led by Nicky Davis. Nicky lived in Scotland before moving to Bournemouth where she works with Lansdowne Church as a part-time International Worker.
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