Folder Students Returning Home

Documents to help you understand the challenge international students face when returning to their home country. Also, useful contacts and links for connecting returning Christians.


pdf Sample Think Home Workshop (755 downloads) Published Popular

Detailed leader's notes and timetable for running a day workshop for Christian international students returning home, using the Think Home workbook and other resources.

pdf Think Home - Studies for Christian International Returnees (1256 downloads) Published Popular

Reflective questions for students to think through and discuss. A shorterned version of the published workbook Think Home.

pdf Reverse Culture Shock Explained (2275 downloads) Published Popular

Why people experience it, its stages and how can we help students prepare for it.

pdf Reverse Culture Shock Drama (1235 downloads) Published Popular

6 scene drama portraying reverse culture shock experiences at home, in the workplace and with friends; from fun to fight/flight to fit.

pdf Follow up networks for Returnees (1634 downloads) Published Popular

Networks and contacts to connect returning students with Christians in their home countries.

pdf Case studies on Reverse Culture Shock (1277 downloads) Published Popular

Highlights the struggles of returnees who had become Christians while in the UK.

pdf Returning Home to China (1448 downloads) Published Popular

20 page booklet by China Outreach Ministries (USA) with studies on: Discerning God's call to return or remain, Finding a church home, Planning your personal ministry and Workplace challenges.


pdf Think Return (1358 downloads) Published Popular

4 page leaflet outlining why and how we should be preparing international students to return home from the beginning of our ministry to them.

pdf Returnee Ministry & Follow-up (5396 downloads) Published Popular

20 page booklet describing/evaluating useful resources and networks for returnees.

"I have enjoyed being in the UK."

"I have made so many good friends."

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