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pdf Cross-cultural Witnessing (610 downloads) Published
How do we share our faith with international students in the context of deepening genuine friendships?
pdf Making Friends Across Cultures (546 downloads) Published
What is culture and what is communication? How do we communicate cross-culturally?
pdf ABC of friendship and evangelism with international students (502 downloads) Published
A one sheet (booklet fold) advice sheet, written to introduce CU students to the topic. Brief leader's notes included.
pdf Bringing Christ into our Conversations (1294 downloads) Published Popular

Notes from a Cafe team training session

pdf Evangelising to Europeans & East Asians (1221 downloads) Published Popular

Broad brush differences between witnessing and relating to North Europeans, South Europeans and East Asians.

pdf Cross cultural friendship (1210 downloads) Published Popular

Seminar notes from a Café team training session. Covers biblical motivation, understanding British culture, advice for making international friends, and friendship evangelism.

pdf How NOT to build a cross-cultural friendship (sketch) (1184 downloads) Published Popular
pdf Communicating the Gospel Cross Culturally (1541 downloads) Published Popular

Notes (12 pages) from a seminar examining communication, culture, worldviews and how to lead an international student to Christ.

pdf Building Cross Cultural Friendships (1702 downloads) Published Popular

Quotes, bible references and discussion questions to help people think through why and how to build cross-cultural friendships.

pdf Discipleship Day (All handouts and notes) (1227 downloads) Published Popular

Covers "Being a disciple" (2 Tim 2:1-25), aspects of a disciple's life, Quiet Times, and case studies on marriage, ancestor worship, sexual relationships and church.

pdf Discipling International Students (1266 downloads) Published Popular

11 page paper outlining difficulties facing young disciples in their home countries and how to help them prepare.  Includes a discipeship curriculum and returnee case studies.

pdf Studying the Bible One-to-One with an International Student (1300 downloads) Published Popular

Practical advice on when it's useful to study the bible 1-1 and how to set up expectations and limits.

"I have enjoyed being in the UK."

"I have made so many good friends."

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